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Putnam Precision, an FDA registered medical device manufacturer, produces highly engineered components for the medical device industry. Our passion for quality stems from the fact that lives depend on the accuracy of our medical precision parts. The medical community depends on us to develop a variety of CNC machined metal and plastic parts for Laparoscopic procedures, implants, and orthopedic instruments. We partner with medical OEM’s to manufacture critical parts through the entire process; from prototypes, through clinical trials, to full production. Our manufacturing systems are supported by process plans, drawings, capability studies, FMEAs, PPAPs, and real time SPC.

Putnam Precision is well positioned for virtually any precision manufacturing need; from Computer and Electronic parts to Transportation components. We have a vast array of equipment, processes, and team know-how to help you work better, smarter and faster. We are not only one of the most diversified commercial precision parts manufacturers, but also one of the easiest to work with. Putnam Precision is a Dock to Stock supplier for many major manufacturers who rely on us to save them time and money by reducing, or even eliminating, incoming quality inspections. At Putnam Precision, we handle a wide array of materials including many types of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and plastics. As your partner in manufacturing, we structure everything around your needs, not ours.

NASA and the US Military are just a few of our Aerospace customers. We have produced parts for the Space Shuttle, M1 Tank, B1 Bomber and our U.S. Submarine fleet. Our ISO certifications and Quality inspection systems enable us to manufacture parts to very exacting standards. All of our suppliers are required to submit to periodic audits insuring their compliance to the customer's specifications.

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